[No Longer] Crashing in the Same Car: Mothers

David Bowie , his mother & John Lennons’ “Mother”

In 1998, Bowie did a cover version of John Lennon’s “Mother” for a tribute album produced by Tony Visconti to John Lennon that was never released.

 Lennon was raised by his aunt. Bowie grew up with both his natural parents, but if his mother was physically available, she was not, it seems, emotionally accessible. Bowie sings Lennon’s lyrics with great conviction:

 Mother, you had me/But I never had you/I wanted you/But you didn’t want me

 That Bowie’s relationship with his mom was at best strained is obvious in the Dick  Cavett and Russell Harty interviews in the mid 1970s. In 1974, when Dick Cavett asks what his mother tells the neighbors about him, Bowie responds that likely she pretends he “isn’t hers” and adds he was never close to his mother. A year later, Harty says his mother has been a “bit tearful” that he hasn’t been in touch, but…

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